American Crew Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

NEW Trichology Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo American Crew: Anti Hair Loss + Thickening Shampoo
New American Crew Anti-Fall Shampoo for hair recovery .
This new formulation is made up of traditional Anti Hair Loss + Thickening conditioning and frecor.
Thanks to the new American Crew Anti-Shrink Shampoo (Anti Hair Loss + Thickening Shampoo) with its unique and patented formula, men can have a healthy medium for fast hair growth fast, achieving fuller, thicker and stronger hair . Also obtaining a greater prolongation of the life of the hair .
Trichology is a proven formula that feeds and prolongs the life of man’s hair, and stimulates and calms the scalp. Is the antioxidant activity stimulates cell free radicals. Stimulates blood circulation . It recovers the cell membrane. Smoothes, restores and strengthens hair .
The American Crew Trichology Series is designed to give men thicker and stronger hair.
By using extracts of hops, Swertia jacopia, rosemary and silica, they reduce the presence of the so-called DHT in the scalp. DHT is the substance that causes the hairs to be smaller and weaker, until they finally fall off.
Calms and refreshes hair and scalp. Provides strong conditioning.

American Crew presents Trichology Anti-Hair Loss an innovative, clinical-based program that treats male hair loss.

Diagnosis and treatment programs: Trichology Anti-Hair Loss is a preventive method that requires a good diagnosis to determine the appropriate combination of products to treat baldness:

Moderate treatment: maintenance.
Option A: Daily morning wash with shampoo and application of a concentrate ampoule every other day.
Option B: Daily morning wash with shampoo and patch application every two nights.

· Severe treatment: stop hair loss.
Option A: Daily morning wash with shampoo and daily application of a concentrate ampoule.
Duration of treatment: Minimum 6 weeks.

Option B: Daily morning wash with shampoo and daily patch application.
Minimum duration of treatment: 8 weeks. Then go to the maintenance system.

· Extreme treatment: against rapidly evolving hair loss.
Daily wash with morning shampoo, Subsequent application of the ampoule with the concentrate by massage on dry hair, and daily application of the patches on the affected areas.
Minimum duration of treatment: 8 weeks.
After eight weeks, go to the maintenance system.

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