L’Oreal Aminexil Promotion

L’Oreal Expert Series Advanced Aminexil is a revolutionary program that contains a double action formula to combat hair loss.
Hair thinning is a common problem that affects 52% of men and 76% of women , which is not only linked to the natural aging process, but there are a variety of factors that can affect it: hereditary causes, changes Hormones, medications (including chemotherapy) and even emotional factors such as stress, fatigue or discharges may contribute.
L ‘Oréal Professionnel Expert Serie Aminexil Advanced is an anti-fall double action program with Aminexil and Omega-6 nutritional complex . Omega 6 (more commonly known as vitamin C) is a rich nutritional complex that turns into ceramides (a natural component of your hair) and works at its roots to stimulate growth. Aminexil will work to maintain the flexibility of the hair follicles and stimulate the hair fiber to be more securely anchored in the scalp.

Hair type:

For damaged and fragile hair.
How to use:
This non-greasy formula is easy to apply and can be used in your own home.
You can start with an intensive course, followed with a couple of 8 week maintenance courses for the rest of the year.
Intensive Course: Ideally combine Aminexil ampoules and L’ Oreal Expert Density Advanced Series as an intensive course of treatment with a single application per day for 6 weeks.
To maintain: Use as a course of treatments with a minimum of 3 applications a week for 8 weeks.
Apply to dry or wet hair.
Carefully distribute Advanced Aminexil Series Expert in the roots of your hair and massage the scalp gently with your fingers for 1 minute.
The product is absorbed instantly. Do not rinse.
For best results combine with the L’Oreal Expert Density Advanced Series Shampoo.

Aminexil and Omega 6.
At L’Oréal they have turned cosmetics into the point where their energy and know-how converge for almost a century. They are fully committed to dedicate all their research expertise and resources to the well-being of men and women in all their diversity around the world.

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