L’Oreal Solar Pack

Solar Pack L’Oreal : L’oreal series expert shampoo 250ml  L’oreal series expert solar mask 200ml + L’oreal series expert solar spray invisible protector 125ml
L’oreal Série Expert Solar Shampoo nourishes and repairs hair exposed to the sun or to repeated baths (sea water and / or chlorine from swimming pools).
Rapid elimination of salt; Hair washed gently, light, shiny and vital for the whole summer.
Innovation MEXORYL SO UV-PROTECT a double protection of the hair fiber exposed to the sun. Protect the external area of ​​the hair from the action of UV rays and prevents dehydration of the hair.

How to use
1) Distribute on wet hair and emulsify.
2) Rinse thoroughly.
3) Proceed to two applications if necessary.
L’oreal Serie Expert Solar Repair Mask nourishes and repairs the hair exposed to the sun and repeated baths (sea water and / or chlorine from the pools).
Instantly softens fiber. The rich and unctuous texture of the mask allows an easy distribution on hair.
The straightening is spectacular. The hair remains soft, light and easily unravels.
MEXORYL SO UV-PROTECT: UV filter for photoprotection of exposed sun capillary fiber.

How to use
1) On the hair washed and dried with towel, apply and distribute the mask well.
2) Let it act for two to three minutes.
The L’ OREAL EXPERT SOLAR SUBLIME Invisible Protector Spray gives you immediate, non-greasy hair protection against UV and water.

It forms a light film to keep the fiber nourished and protect the shine of the hair. Prevents hair dehydration.

Protection against the sun is essential to keep hair healthy and full of vitality.

The new line L’OREAL EXPERT SOLAR SUBLIME with filter MEXORYL SO is a professional treatment of protection and restructuring of the hair against the action of the sun.

The molecule INCELL consolidates the intercellular cement and reinforces the hair fiber. In this way the hair fiber is prepared to face the UV rays.

The UV-B filter MEXORYL SO of the invisible protective spray L’OREAL EXPERT SOLAR SUBLIME absorbs and blocks the UV rays, preserving the capillary fiber of the damaging action of the solar rays.

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